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Disaster Recovery Plan document

The Table highlights the steps to be ideally followed while preparing disaster recovery plan. The Disaster Recovery Management team members will follow Step 1 to Step 11 to create a complete plan. This plan will help to handle a disaster situation. Making a proper Disaster Recovery Plan document requires serious effort from all concerned people and may also require professional assistance. We may assist you, if you wish.
Disaster Recovery Plan will dictate every aspect of the process, for example:

  1. What events denote possible disasters.
  2. Who, in the organization, will have the authority to declare a disaster, and there by put the plan into effect.
  3. What is the correct sequence of events necessary to prepare the backup site once a disaster has been declared.
  4. What are the roles and responsibilities of all key personnel with respect to carrying out the plan.
  5. What are the items necessary to restore operation. An inventory of the hardware and software required.
  6. A schedule listing the personnel that will be staffing the backup site, including a rotation schedule to support ongoing operations without burning out the disaster team members.
  7. The sequence of events necessary to move operations from the backup site to the restored original site.