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Arranging hosting server

Hosting server is the server where the contents of the website are kept to make the contents become available to the world. The agencies that offer web-hosting service have adequate infrastructure and people to maintain the hosting server, which remain operation 24 hours a day and all 7 days of the week.
Before making the final decision regarding the hosting server one must many hosting server parameters. For example one must check the Internet bandwidth used by the agency to connect the hosting server. It is important because one should expect there will be many simultaneous visitors accessing the website at any point of time and inadequate Internet bandwidth at the hosting server end will result in slowness of server response.
Normally a hosting server agency will offer different hosting schemes, with different server space, server software, etc. These information are normally made available to people under the heading 'hosting sever plan details'. Please go through the plan-details before finalising.
It is recommended to consult the website developer or the application developer while finalising the hosting server.