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Domain registration

Domain names can be registered for a year or more. There are several agencies with whom you can register your domain name. It is very important to get the domain registered once you decide to create a website. We suggest to be ready with 4-5 alternative domain names of your choice, and then look for the availability.
You may visit popular websites e.g. GoDaddy or CheckDomain or Whois page of InterNic to check the availability of the domain you are looking for. There are several other similar websites.
If you find the domain name that you are looking for is not available, it will mean someone has already registered that domain. You should then look for availability of an alternative domain name. In this process, once you find one, register the domain online.
The domain name represents the URL of the website. The web software, such as Internet Explorer browser, use the URL to get you connected to the website.
Before you start the domain registration process, please collect the following information which will be needed at the time of registration.

  1. Name, address, mail-id, phone number of the Registrant.
  2. Name, address, mail-id, phone number of the Administrative Contact.
  3. Name, address, mail-id, phone number of the Technical Contact.