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Creation of content

Apart from the digital advertisements, generally the contents are received in raw state. Due to this an additional process is required to compile and modify the incoming information to create contents ready for publishing. For any print publication, one can assume that there would be text content, as well as contents in the form of photographs or graphics.
For text contents word processing software, e.g. Microsoft Word, etc. are used for final content creation. For photos and graphics software like Photoshop, Gimp, etc. are used.
When users work in a networked environment, one would expect flow of the content from a level of user to a higher level of user following the workflow approved by the publisher. Content creation and workflow management are two integrated activities, which are controlled and monitored by the workflow management software. In the past special application software called Editorial System used to take care of the whole operation. At present the CMS can take care of contents as well as the workflow management.