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What do you expect from e-mail system?

Apart from the regular e-mail handling, the e-mail system should provide some additional tools to help the user manage his daily work better. Apart from accessing his e-mails, the additional tools one may expect are:

  1. Management of calendars
  2. Management of contacts
  3. Management of content sharing
  4. Instant messaging
  5. Collaboration tools, etc.

The other facilities which the user may find very useful are:

  1. Facility for better management of ever-growing inboxes effectively
  2. Facility for full-text search on e-mails
  3. Facility for e-mail filtering and sorting
  4. Built-in protection for Anti-spam and Antivirus
  5. Scalability for better performance
  6. Tools for better mail-administration, etc.

Some of the popular e-mail applications are IBM's Lotus Notes, Netscape Mail, Microsoft's Exchange, etc.