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What are to be done?

Formation of a team:
The first step will be to form a team consisting of people from IT, Administration, Finance and heads of different user groups. Normally the IT person heads such a team, but there are exceptions. 
Knowing the requirements:
The best way to know the requirements will be to circulate a Questionnaire to collect requirement details from different business functions. Compilation of the collected data to bring-out the consolidated complete requirement will be the next task. 
Matching the requirements with organisation's business plan:
This is most important part of the whole process. This involves heads of all business functions, e.g. the IT head, the Finance head, etc. together with the head of the organisation e.g. the Managing Director or the Chief Executive or the President.
Preparation of IT Infrastructure requirement document:
This document will list the approved requirements for the IT Infrastructure creation. Before the work actually begins, all participating business heads must go through the document and indicate confirmation by signing.