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Making the LAN

Identifying a LAN vendor
Once the BoM is ready, discussion with the LAN vendor may start. Apart from commissioning the LAN, the LAN vendor must supply a LAN diagram for future reference. At this stage the Administration Department should get involved.
A LAN will consist of certain passive components and certain active components. It is very important to ask the LAN vendor to specify make and model, where applicable, of all items being planned to be used. 
Knowing the LAN vendor:
Before finalising the LAN vendor, it will be better to look at the credentials of the vendor. The credentials may be assessed easily by asking some relevant Questions to some of the customer or client of the LAN vendor.
Following are some of the possible questions:

  • How is the LAN performing?
  • Was there any connectivity issue during first time connection?
  • Is expected through-put is available?
  • Have the vendor supplied a LAN diagram highlighting cable route, etc.?
  • Who certified LAN performance?

Executing a LAN work
LAN cabling work must go together with the civil work and / or furniture work, and the vendor should strictly follow the LAN diagram. This makes it essential to involve the Administration Department during the LAN work.

It is very important to note that performance of a LAN depends on

  1. The material used for making the LAN
  2. The craft man ship of the people doing termination, etc. 
  3. The environment when the work is being done. 

Remember connecting or terminating LAN components under dusty environment may lead to poor performance of the LAN. So timing of the LAN work must be well coordinated with other activities.